Investing in Camden

We don't just build beautiful new homes. Created and managed by Camden Council,
The Camden Collection is a major contributor
to the Borough's Community Investment
Programme (CIP).

By building these new homes for sale and
market rent, The Camden Collection generates
revenue which is in turn reinvested into CIP
to benefit the wider community.

Better London Living

What is CIP?

Launched in 2010, The Community Investment Programme (CIP) is our ambitious plan to invest over £2bn in homes, schools and community spaces in Camden.

It’s our answer to government spending cuts – an innovative way to continue building in our communities despite massive reductions in central government funding.

How it Works

CIP aims to build 4,850 new homes including 1,800 council homes and 350 intermediate homes across Camden.

The Council works in partnership with our local community to deliver new homes which are well designed, safe, and secure. We are building housing for the future, which is why our homes are designed to be sustainable and more energy efficient.

To date, we’ve built over 1400 new high-quality homes, including over 620 council homes, over 100 intermediate affordable homes, and over 400 homes for sale.

Regeneration at Agar Grove
Regeneration at Agar Grove
New facilities at Kingsgate Primary School
New facilities at Kingsgate Primary School
Regeneration at Maiden Lane
Regeneration at Maiden Lane

To find out more about the Community Investment Programme visit the London Borough of Camden Website.

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