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VISIV at Agar Grove is an excellent addition to The Camden Collection. Conveniently located just east of Camden Town and north of Kings Cross, with nearby green spaces and convenient public transport links, it is perfectly situated to provide the best of London living.


Bringing you the best of London living

Visiv offers 23 superbly designed apartments for sale. Seamlessly blending environmental, social and, of course, aesthetic design considerations, no detail has been overlooked to create somewhere remarkable for you to call home.


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Plot No.AreaOpenBedroomsBathroomsFloorPriceTotal AreaView
153.4m2 / 574.8ft211Ground053.4m2 / 574.8ft2     Sold     
1058.4sqm / 628.6sqft11Upper Ground, Lower First, Upper First058.4sqm / 628.6sqft     Sold     
1184.9sqm / 914sqft21Upper Ground, Lower First, Upper First084.9sqm / 914sqft     Sold     
1272.0m2 / 775.0ft222Upper Second, Third, Upper Third072.0m2 / 775.0ft2     Sold     
1364.3m2 / 692.1ft211Upper Second, Third, Upper Third064.3m2 / 692.1ft2     Sold     
1460.7sqm / 653.4sqft11Lower Second, Upper Second, Lower Third060.7sqm / 653.4sqft     Sold     
1560.7sqm / 653.4sqft11Lower Second, Upper Second, Lower Third060.7sqm / 653.4sqft     Sold     
1663.9m2 / 687.8ft211Upper Second, Third, Upper Third063.9m2 / 687.8ft2     Sold     
1771.8sqm / 772.8sqft21Lower Second, Upper Second, Lower Third071.8sqm / 772.8sqft     Sold     
1874.4sqm / 800.8sqft21Upper Third, Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth074.4sqm / 800.8sqft     Sold     
1957.4sqm / 617.8sqft11Upper Third, Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth057.4sqm / 617.8sqft     Sold     
253.4sqm / 574.8sqft11Ground053.4sqm / 574.8sqft     Sold     
2056.9sqm / 612.5sqft11Upper Third, Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth056.9sqm / 612.5sqft     Sold     
2160.9m2 / 655.5ft211Upper Third, Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth060.9m2 / 655.5ft2     Sold     
2257.2sqm / 615.7sqft11Upper Third, Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth057.2sqm / 615.7sqft     Sold     
2378.9m2 / 849.3ft221Fourth, Upper Fourth, Fifth078.9m2 / 849.3ft2     Sold     
353.4m2 / 574.8ft211Ground053.4m2 / 574.8ft2     Sold     
453.7sqm / 578sqft11Ground053.7sqm / 578sqft     Sold     
558.9sqm / 634sqft11Ground058.9sqm / 634sqft     Sold     
675.8m2 / 815.9ft221First, Upper First, Second075.8m2 / 815.9ft2     Sold     
758.6sqm / 630.7sqft11Upper Ground, Lower First, Upper First058.6sqm / 630.7sqft     Sold     
861.5m2 / 662ft211First, Upper First, Second061.5m2 / 662ft2     Sold     
958.7sqm / 631.8sqft11Upper Ground, Lower First, Upper First058.7sqm / 631.8sqft     Sold     
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